Monday, May 24, 2010

Lost... or a problem of semi-epic proportions

Nobody ever tells you the real problems about living on a boat in paradise...

Just about everybody is aware that yesterday the last episode of Lost happened yesterday... The problem for the likes of us on sailing vessel "So It Goes" is that we are always about a year behind in watching our favorite shows like "Lost", "NCIS" and "House" as we have to wait for the DVD's to come out get them to wherever we happen to be...

Which is not so bad really, as watching the DVD version is a better experience all around (and no commercials) but the time lag, is at best, somewhat problematic!

Of course, this morning there is no end to articles and suchlike about "Lost". All containing various spoilers and other tidbits that I can't read as that would ruin the viewing experience next year when we finally are able to buy and watch the final series.

Something to consider when you write to friends on a boat someplace... Leave out the spoilers!