Thursday, April 01, 2010

Various projects... Spring cleaning!

April is our month for getting rid of stuff... All those cunning plans and seemed like like a good idea at the time purchases which for various reasons are not getting used and just taking up space. The rule is, if we have not used it in the last year we either take a look at our priorities and work out why we are not using it in such a way that we start using it or more often we simply take it to the next cruisers flea market and exchange it for someone else's cunning plan that THEY never used...

Case in point... We've had a GlobalStar satphone since 2003 which worked ok but really came into its own when we added the remote antenna kit which made it work a whole lot better. But, as cell phones got better and cheaper our usage became less and less till the other day we realized we had not used it in over a year.

So we sat down and weighed the should it go/stay conundrum and decided that we could use the extra space more than another method of talking to folks while mid-Atlantic other than the SSB as our SPOT (also by GlobalStar) gave us a means of letting folks know we were OK while making passages.

The upside of all this is that it helps keep "So It Goes" a lean machine, reclaims a locker or two and recycles gear to folks (the GlobalStar is now for sale) who might actually have a need.