Saturday, March 13, 2010

Florida gets funky... and the thought of Anita Bryant spinning like a top

Over the years Florida has been known to be one of those... well, the word dumbass does come to mind but let's use the word "special" places where anchoring is concerned and while last year they passed an almost cruiser-friendly anchoring law it seems like the Powers That Be want the same old silliness back in place.

As it happens, some state lawmakers also want to kill incentives for film and video production if the film or TV show in question has a gay character...

As a film guy, a boater, and a semi-evolved human being, this does not fill me with a warm and fuzzy feeling toward the state that gave us that Gandhi-like milestone of Anita Bryant   (and we won't even begin to delve into the murkiness of Jeb "hanging chad" Bush).

Fact is, over the next few days I'm going to be letting a lot of Florida business interests know just why "So It Goes" will not be visiting Florida and why I won't be buying stuff from chandleries, sail lofts and suchlike who are from the state that houses the Orange Bowl. Just call it my Don't-ask-for-stuff-from-Florida-and-Tell-everyone-I-know-to-go-someplace-more-civilized rag!

Just to be fair... I'll be more than happy to go back to Florida to shoot a remake of "Queer as Folk" set within the boating community, if only to hear the evil whining sound of Anita Bryant spinning like a top...