Saturday, February 20, 2010

A worthwhile read... SpliceRight

When making the decision to rig with something other than wire, one quickly learns that there is not a huge body of information available and tracking it down is something of a chore. Doing a search on the subject returns a lot of stuff but very little of it by people who have actually done the deed and a whole lot of misinformation. What good information there is seems to be rehashed quite a bit by those selling Dynex such as Precourt and Colligo who both deserve to be bookmarked.

Over at Brion Toss's abode on the web, there is some good information on the forum as well as the promise that SOON (we're holding our breath here on "So It Goes") Mr Knot will wax eloquent on Dynex Dux Splicing details in his column "Fairleads".

From downunder SpliceRight is selling an E-pamphlet (I'm sorry I just can't call a twenty page offering a book) on using Dynex that is seriously good and includes a  rig strain calculator as well as a means of using a Loos rigging gauge for Dynex Dux for twenty bucks. If  you are considering rigging with Dynex it is a more than worthwhile investment!

The pamphlet is also available as part of a very well thought out rigging kit which they also sell.