Monday, February 01, 2010

So what kind of rig is it...

I recently spent far too much time listening to several folks go on and on (and on) over what a cat schooner was as opposed to a cat ketch and so on... Boring!

The new rig for "So It Goes" is a cutter, which is pretty obvious, it having a couple of foresails and all. Where it gets tricky is where the main comes in. Some might call it a Batwing, while others looking at how it all goes together would classify it as a gaff variant with an extra sail panel above the gaff. My take is that as the top horizontal batten has gaff jaws and the boat is more or less rigged as a gaff, except without the peaking stuff, you might as well call it a gaff or some such. Or not.

Well as far as I'm concerned... I'm simply going to call it... Simon!