Friday, February 12, 2010

More zombie apocalypse and lifeboat drivel...

Apparently not everybody gets the whole z-o-m-b-i-e thing on a nautical themed blog and some cold hearted people I know think it is simply a manifestation of the gene pool cleansing itself.

Maybe, maybe not.

Then again, it is all just a bit of silliness but as my mother used to say "It's all silliness and fun until someone puts their eye out"!

I grew up on a mixture of history books, fairy tales, Jack London and Norse sagas, which is no bad thing to introduce your children to as they teach a lot of important and dark lessons we should all know, with a big emphasis on the dark...

Then again, we all are talking about silly things and in our perfect world no one does harm, greed is not the compass, and insurance companies don't take your premiums for years and years and then decide not to pay out when you have that odd little case of cancer because way back when in high school you had a couple of zits and did not tell them about it. Nah, we live in a real warm and fuzzy world!

But there are things that go bump in the night and whether they be giant Kraken, vampires, corporate government takeovers, genocide or flesh-eating zombies there is evil about and it is no bad thing to be prepared... but I digress and back to the silliness!