Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building the rig... All the bits that fit

It's a bit frustrating still being a powerboat but we're almost on a roll!

Losing your rig in the Caribbean is always a bit problematic after the fact as the materials for replacing the rig are always someplace else. In our case, I'm currently waiting for epoxy and glass fabrics, stainless steel for new chainplates, Dynex Dux for the rigging, aluminum for the deadeyes, a variety of sail making stuff (cloth and notions) to build the new sails and some Glowfast tape from down-under!

So it goes...

Of course, once all the stuff is here it's a couple of weeks of madness followed by a quick round of sea trials and hey presto we will be a proper boat again!

Not that there is any rest for the wicked as a friend needs his walkabout bulkhead sorted out and a new interior (galley moved and a new cabin built for his daughter) so not a lot of time for the boredom thing...