Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jessica at Cape Horn... She be walking the talk!

I sat back some time ago and marveled at all the dire predictions and Sunday morning quarterbacking on various forums when Jessica Watson had her run in with that freighter... Far too much of it from folks tied to a dock whose cruising is the odd weekend sail down to the local party anchorage and who "one of these days" will throw off their dock lines and if conditions merit sail off to the Bahamas...

Having a collision with a freighter is some kind of serious trauma inducing milestone in anyone's life, much less a young teenage girl and the fact that she got back on the boat and went back to sea is a lot more than most could do. The fact that she is well on her way to actually doing what she set out to do (whether or not that is a goal worth doing is neither here or there) you simply have to give Ms Watson credit... She walks the talk!