Saturday, December 19, 2009

A really interesting dinghy... Unicat

Michael from the Proa File and Schadt Marine design and I were discussing various cool rigs last week and he pointed me to the neat junk rigged proa "Free Radical" from down New Zealand way designed by James Brett. Michael has a real eye for good stuff and I was not disappointed... "Free Radical" to say the least, rocks!

But what really caught my attention was a dinghy that really seems to have all its i's dotted and t's crossed... the Unicat. While the video shows a flat day there is ample freeboard to keep the dinghy butt to a minimum as well as being easily rowed and powered by an outboard of 5HP or less. Just the thing for someone who is looking for a new dinghy to fit the new deck plan of "So It Goes"... Well if I can actually decide on the new rig!

Plans are available from Duckworks so check it out...