Saturday, December 26, 2009

One of a few... New possible rigs

Working through the various new rig scenarios for "So It Goes" and this rig is currently on the top of the pile...

The hard part with junk rig is simply finding the space for all it entails. The sheeting arrangement takes up an amazing amount of room and makes the location of masts more problematic than expected.

All that aside this rig should scoot right along (might even "scoon"!) and with it's cambered junk sails keep up with most cruisers to windward while leaving the cruising multihull folks who are not motor-sailing plenty of time to check out our hailing port on the transom.

This, of course, is just a quickie cartoon of the rig but it shows the good news that location of the freestanding masts are pretty interior friendly and the bad news that sheeting is going to be somewhat problematic which is most certainly not a deal killer but simply something to work through.

I had hoped to keep the spars within the thirty-four foot LOA ( makes doing the French canals so much easier) but something tells me that all the various new possible rigs will be just a kiss over that... In this one the main mast is thirty-six feet while the fore mast is a rather more petite twenty-six feet or close to it.