Saturday, November 28, 2009

A yacht designer of note... Michael Schacht

For some time one of my favorite blogs of the nautical bent has been the Proafile... The purveyor, Michael Schacht of said blog has a keen eye for a good design as well as sharing my like of balanced lug wonderfulness... What's not to like?

Michael is also a designer of some note and has recently hung up his shingle and is, as they say, open for buisness at the brand new and shiny Schacht Marine Design Services.

One of his first projects is to use his words...

"My first job is to re-invent the cruising catamaran - someone's got to do it and it might as well be me!"

Those of you who know me and my opinions on what passes for multihull design these days as more pontoon boat meets condo with silly high price tags,  also know that this sort of kick ass statement has me doing the HAPPY DANCE! I for one will be following his quest for a better cruising cat with a great amount of interest!

The new site has already had some very interesting  design blogging as well as some tongue in cheek attitude! Great stuff!