Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well at least it's not a gale...

One thing a lot of people don't quite get is the true nature of travel by sailboat and the general laws of wind vector dynamics and the very real law of perversity!

Case in point... I have a boat show I thought I needed to go to in St Thomas but I get up this morning to find no wind! Well no wind is often a temporary situation so I look at all of the various weather sources and they all pretty much agree that yes no wind is the order of the day! Of course, none of them agree which direction the non-wind is coming from!

Now for those who have not sailed, this is actually more normal than not as the wind will mostly be less or more than you want... So it goes!

So I could point the boat at St Thomas and run the motor and Honda 2000 and hope for wind or maybe just stay here at anchor and wait for some wind (in which case I'd miss the boat show I am already late for).

Truth be told I could live (thrive actually) if I missed said show as unless someone has left out some earth shattering information it will simply be the same old same of boats pimping themselves to me so I can in turn pimp them. The  real interest for me at least is trying out some new fishing lures I made a while back (can you spell T... U... N... A) and the big bunch of Amazon goodness in DVD's and books waiting at one of our mail drops!

So most likely, I will sail off and I might even run the motor a bit! But if I get there tomorrow or the next day after is no big deal... Fact is very few things in the general humdrum of life is really a big deal and you just have to go with the flow... In my experience I have met very few cruisers on a schedule who were happy campers!