Thursday, October 08, 2009

Self-steering project...The Pardey approach

Another possible solution to the new self-steering gear for "So It Goes" is based on the one used so successfully by Lin and Larry Pardey on their boats...

The vane pivots on the back stay which is a very elegant solution to the whole "yet more crap"  on the transom scenario. Like everything from the Pardey mold it is simple. So simple in fact, that many have trouble that something so simple actually works.

It does...

The vane is being built these days by Freehand Steering but I warn you that the sticker shock may be too much for those with weak hearts... They do make an excellent gear and the cost these days of bronze casting and suchlike has much to do with the high cost ($7500) but a windvane steering you could hand down to future generations is some kind of wonderful.

Of course, me being Mr Cheapseats, I have noticed many DIY Pardey-style steering clones that seemed to work well for those of us in the low rent district!

In my case, since I want to go with an auxiliary rudder system, whatever the cost I'd still have to build it myself as the Pardey system is much more evolved to work with a transom hung rudder.