Friday, October 16, 2009

On speaking Icelandic... A cat design I like!

Over the last few years I have spent what seems like a lot of time talking to various yacht designers about the "next" boat. On the whole they are helpful and seem to be more than willing to do the design of my dreams but at some point it seems we begin to speak in different languages. Maybe I speak Icelandic?

Apparently while I am suggesting that I want an open bridge deck catamaran their Babelfish translator comes up with "I really really want a bridge deck cabin" When I say I want a moderate rig that is not too much longer than the LOA of the boat they apparently hear "I want a carbon fiber five spreader rig...The taller the better!"  and the phrase "affordable/sensible" somehow becomes "silly expensive/hightech"!

And, so it does go...

Now the Sig 45 by LeBreton is a boat I can actually show people! An open bridge deck cat that makes sense! Decent accommodation in the hulls only. Of course it is far too pricey and in my mind an easily driven hull really does not need such a tall mast and big sail area but at least it is a start!

Sadly I have pretty much given up on the whole multihull thing as the problematic aspects of being too wide for the canals of Europe but if someone ran with this sort of idea a bit more who knows?