Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can't have too many flashlights...

I've always been of the "You can't have too many flashlights on a boat" camp... Too many is just enough!

On "So It Goes" I keep trying to find a better flashlight of the LED variety but keep running into problems. All of the expensive flashlights don't seem to perform as well as the less expensive flashlights I have bought of late which has made me wonder no small amount...

Those pseudo police wonders that begin with "M" if anything are the worst flashlights on the boat and as they are also the most expensive... Well, it makes you think! I have one of those multi-cell wonders that are supposed to shine brightly as well as being able to hit people over the head with... Truth be told the sucker does not shine at all but I have hit myself on the head with it a time or two in frustration over spending so much money for something that works so badly.

Dorcy, on the other hand, makes a really nice cheap flashlight that just works... We have had three so far and they just work and work even the one in the dinghy which is more often than not wet. For less than $10 you have say YOWZA!

Which is why I am seriously interested in the $25ish flashlight Dorcy now has on offer as reports from friends is that it is not only compact but very very bright! If it holds up half as long as the under $10 dollar Dorcy, it's a winner!