Thursday, September 24, 2009

The list... new self steering

One of the first things you learn when you do the boat gig is that it comes with a "List"  and how you handle living with a list is one of the big factors if you are going to be a happy or not so happy camper... So it goes!

Lists are a fluid thing and sometimes they are happy making while other times they can be a drudge but it is all part of what makes life work on a boat so you just have to do what is needful. Of late my list has been more of the drudge variety but yesterday it turned the corner and morphed into the fun sort... Sure the drudge items are still on the list... but the difference is I now have a new item added that has me all kinds of excited and looking forward to getting to it (even the drudge stuff)!

So expect to hear a lot about things having to do with self steering from rants to "how to"!

More soon come...