Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Another Bike for the shortlist... Surly!

There is something so right about the classic touring bike... For example, take a look at the pictured Surly "Long Haul Trucker" which gets it all kinds of right.

Of course, stowing the sucker becomes a little problematic, but Surly already has up close and personal experience with the "Travelers Check" frame which makes use of the S&S Couplers to make it a a break-down bike that will allow me to stow two of these in the cockpit locker and only add 8 ounces each in the process... Sweet!

On the other hand... I'm seriously enamoured of the "Karate Monkey" a 29'er of some serious appeal... I mean how can you resist a Chum Bucket RED bike?
So many bikes... So little time!