Thursday, August 20, 2009

On less being more... Micro cruising

While cruising in tiny boats might not be for everybody it does go to show that voyaging can be done with a lot less than some think...

Whenever I hear someone telling me that you need a fifty foot boat to go cruising I always think of Matt Layden's designs and I take comfort in those thoughts.

But the beauty of micro cruising is that while not all of us care to partake in the exercise we still all benefit from those who do. Whenever I find myself looking for cunning plans to make "So It Goes" more seaworthy, comfortable or fix a niggling problem I look to smaller boats for the answer as just as in low budget movies when you can't throw money at a problem you have to get CLEVER!

The Micro Cruising website has lots of info and is a great resource for anyone who wants to see a different angle on the cruising and sailing experience.