Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going around...

I'm not real big on goals where you do something for the sole purpose of doing something in the sense that I don't see crossing the Atlantic because "it's there" but I do understand that crossing the Atlantic because you want to sip Pastis in a sidewalk cafe overlooking an anchored "So It Goes" and watch the world go by. Makes all kinda sense!

Last year, we sat out Hurricane Omar in St Martin and as we were hard aground and watching a 200-foot ship drag down on top of us, I remember quite clearly saying to myself next season I will be in the Med sipping Pastis... The fact that the dragging ship ran aground just forty feet from turning "So It Goes" into fiberglass mulch, just shows that a greater force protects fools, drunks and little children.

Stuff happens... And I find myself once again in the hurricane zone looking at the weather as Tropical depression #2 is looking like it may be the first Tropical storm or hurricane of the season.


But it has focused my plans for the next couple of years and while drinking Pastis on the foredeck last evening we were discussing places we'd like to visit and things we'd like to do. Which had me thinking if you connect the dots on the globe you have a nearly perfect circumnavigation. So it goes... and since I want to go back to Europe sooner rather than later it would appear that an ass-backwards circumnavigation is more than a possible scenario.