Thursday, July 09, 2009

Cockpit reading... The sailing rags

I know I spend far too much time bemoaning the state of the yachting press and their pimpish ways but fair is fair and I really should point out that they do get it right from time to time as well...

"Latitude 38" in my books is easily the best sailing mag out there and when I sat down to try and find a good article to mention in this blog the fact is that there were so many goodies all I can say is simply to point out that it's best to simply read the whole issue. For those not in the know Latitude 38 is FREE!

"Sail Magazine" has a wonderful editorial this month (July 09) entitled "All We Really Need To Know About Being Green We Learned At Sea" by Clark Beek that is so right you might want to make copies and send it to friends, family and political hacks....

The new "Wooden Boat" has a very neat dinghy plan that is worth the cost of admission. Throw in a very good article about a Dutch Sharpie design and you are well on your way to an excellent issue but then again, I don't ever recall a bad issue of Wooden Boat!

While the current issue of "Cruising World" is of the big pimping ilk (so they can sell all sorts of advertising from Catamaran builders/sellers/charter co's) it does have a great little article from Fatty Goodlander about guns on boats or some such "Unarmed but Uneasy"... Borrow a copy or read it while in line at West Marine (It's a short article)!

For those who read French, the new "Voiles" has a wonderful series of articles about anchors and anchoring which is just the sort of thing we could use in American magazines long on content and short of tests done to favor folks who take out big ads... Fact is the French magazines Bateaux, Loisirs Nautiques and Voiles all kick some serious ass so you might want to check them out if you have a chance!