Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The real deal...

I know I keep mentioning that we all need to improve our skills and a good place to start would be for me to mention that Tom Cunliffe has a couple of new books... "Inshore Navigation" and "Coastal and Offshore Navigation"!

Seriously if you are a sailor, cruiser and have some salt in your veins Cunliffe is your kind of guy. Doubly so if your proclivities run towards the gaff rig. His "Hand, Reef and Steer" deserves a spot on every ones shelf and for those who want to improve their sailing you could no better than "The Complete Yachtmaster". Just off the top of my head I cannot think of a proper education in sailing and cruising that does not contain the voice of Tom Cunliffe... He IS the real deal.

I should also mention that Mr Cunliffe has three podcasts up and running that are very much worth a listen...

‘The greatest instructor of all is your own humility.’

In this, the first of three sailing podcasts, Tom Cunliffe talks about his own experiences in learning navigation, lifts the lid on what he calls ‘the real black beast of navigation’ and shows that even the best can make the odd mistake… ‘for all I know I was only yards from destruction’.

GPS, electronic revolutions and fish and chips

In the second of Tom Cunliffe's navigation podcasts, Tom talks about the revolution in navigation GPS has brought, he weighs up the comparative benefits of paper, raster and vector charts and finishes off with the influence that good passage planning can have on your nautical social life.

‘I ran away to sea on an old Baltic trader, bound for nowhere with a crew of no hopers and not a penny in the pot’

In the last of the three navigation podcasts Tom Cunliffe talks about his sailing career, from gaff cutters on the Norfolk broads, Baltic traders and how he narrowly escaped becoming a barrister. Tom offers experienced advice on how to make a living from the sea.