Monday, May 18, 2009

Hell as we know it... Boatyard blues

On the hard is never fun...

Of course since I need to paint rain has been a daily part of life as we know it and much attention is spent with the weather reports... None of them good! But we are making progress and the new self-built composting head is almost a reality though the process of installing it has the interior of "So It Goes" something akin to a bomb site.

The other less than good stuff is that the mosquitoes here are pretty amazing and I have bites in areas I'd as soon forget and then of course there are the chickens.

Living in the Caribbean, one is accustomed to goats and chickens pretty much everywhere. In the boatyard I have a Rooster who is way too up close and personal and crows pretty much 24/7 and all I'll say about that is...

Buffalo Chicken Chili
(from one of our favorite food blogs)