Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Dinghy camera...

I've been looking for a dedicated dinghy camera. Sort of a do everything video camera that would be cheap enough not to shed tears on the day it gets lost or destroyed. Small enough to throw in a pocket and add in the fact that it would be nice if it were waterproof and I could dive with it deep enough to be useful.

Nope not an easy want list to solve.

Enter the Flip UltraHD camera which sells for less than $200 and has an accessory underwater housing good to 30 feet which sells for less than $50... Now we are talking!

The problem with the Flip of course is it is something of a toy. It does shoot HD (High Definition) of a sort but there is a huge difference between HD Flip footage and HD footage taken with a Panasonic Varicam for instance ( which is the sort of camera I use for work) ... But then you'd expect that with a price difference of $58,000 or more!

But for a disposable camera for the dinghy, well the Flip kinda rocks!

Actually I plan to buy a few of these as I have a video project where I plan to loan out cameras for POV footage which I will incorporate into the production so while still a toy, it does have some potential as a useful tool!

Me I'm just hoping to be in the neighborhood and grab some footage next time Maltese Falcon gets T-Boned!