Monday, February 02, 2009

Boating in hard times...

Sitting here at anchor in St Martin one is constantly aware at just how much money is spent by the ultra rich on their toys. Now I for one don't begrudge folks spending money on fun stuff...far from it in fact as life is short and you really should have a good time. Color me all RAH RAH on the fun stuff front!

Well to be truthful, that is I'm all for people spending their money on their fun but not me paying for their fun with my money! So you might understand why I take some issue with the Bank of America spending upwards around TEN MILLION dollars on their fun and frolic at this years Super Bowl...You may recall the Bank of America just got bailed out to the tune of FORTY FIVE BILLION dollars and it is oh so nice to see they are putting that money to good use

Now for a lot of us who don't have Politicians paying for our fun and frolic with taxpayers dollars we have to be somewhat frugal and smart with our pennies to build boats, sail them and go cruising but then again most of us would not have it any other way.

On the other hand it is only a matter of time till one of the new big Mega Yachts steams into an anchorage I'm sitting in with a clever spit in your face name like..."BAILOUT BABY" or some such. When that happens all bets are off!