Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Podcast of note...

I've mentioned Jay Fitzgerald of the Oar club before here on Boat Bits regarding one of his books and why a whole lot of people should read it...I still stand by that sentiment by the way! Of course if you can't read you might want to give the Furled Sails Podcast a listen as their podcast #141 has a very interesting interview with Mr Fitzgerald on sailing, engines ( or the lack of engines to be precise) and so forth...not to give anything away but it just may piss off a few of those regular letter writers to Boat Bits...It is very much worth a listen heretical or not.

Since we are speaking of the Furled Sails podcasts it is a very good time to mention what a wonderful resource that Furled Sails is to us of a Nautical bent. Over time they have interviewed The Pardey's ( #52&53) John Guzzwell (#106 &107) ) Reese Palley (#6) George Buehler (#77) plus a host of others all interesting and all worth hearing... These folk do the sort of job that we only wish the yachting press would...This just may be the best nautical/boatie journalism going...Check them out!