Friday, March 28, 2008

A Fischer Panda saga...

One of my pet peeves is so much stuff labeled "Marine" simply is not up to snuff. Too often the folks who make and sell it after the fact admit quite freely that the ratings or specs really don't mean what they say and it is YOUR fault for using the gear as advertised...Far different than the promises and come ons at the boat shows, advertising and brochures.

Case in point department... A Fischer Panda Genset saga An eye opening story (Thanks Sailing Anarchy for the heads up!)

On the other hand I have a Honda 2000 which cost under $1000 when we bought it and has given us six years of flawless, trouble free use in spite of lots of use and abuse. (sitting uncovered in the elements for all of that time on the back deck of So It Goes) Now I'll admit that the Honda does not have the same sort of output as the Fischer Panda in question but it does bring up the question..."Why is it that cheaper non marine items seem to work and perform so much better?"