Friday, November 16, 2007

The rant free boat

My goal in this whole living aboard a sailboat gig is to have a rant free boat and the fact is there is light at the end of the tunnel...Well I can always dream!

The fact of the matter is there is a lot of great gear these days, stuff that just does its job and works...and not requiring fixing spells no rant in a big warm way!

Case in point our Coleman fridge just works and works keeping the beer cold and being quite frugal on the power in the process. The Sterling cycle as a means of cooling is really a great system in that there are no compressors or evil ozone destroying freons to leaks out ( and make refrigeration folks rich in the process) and the fact that it costs less than so called marine stuff makes the Coleman fridge/freezer a no brainer...

Another cool point is that when I took it all apart to see how it was put together it was quite apparent that if one wanted to build it in sans its plastic outer box it would be a very simple if not elegant build in installation. Fact is I am seriously considering buying another and building them in side by side to add a dedicated freezer to better be able to freeze the odd Mahi Mahi filet's and of course the required ice cream stash!

Now if only Forespar could makes its damn evil crappy winches work half as well as the Coleman Sterling cycle fridge/freezer we would be another step closer to the rant free boat...

Coleman Stirling Power Electric Cooler : Thermoelectric 26-Quart Portable Cooler W/ DC Power Cable & Household Power Supply: about $449 from Amazon (click link )