Saturday, September 29, 2007

Short Takes: Bowsprits, Solar panels, LED's

I've been looking at installing a bowsprit on So It Goes and the process has been somewhat problematic but as they say there is light at the end of the tunnel having narrowed the choice down to two different kits and a home brew solution.. Forte have a neat kit for a carbon spar as do Selden for one in Aluminum...The problem is that both kits wind up costing quite a bit in that being in the land of dimensional shipping rates I am afraid to ask just what a nine foot tube costs to get down here. More on this subject in greater detail as soon as I make a decision...

While researching home brew bowsprit solutions I came across a great site for Beneteau 235 owners group which also had an interesting discussion on clever use of those cheap Volkswagen solar panels...I can recognize a good thing when I see it and already have several cunning plans for these cheap and small solar panels!

Couple of weeks ago I received the BEBI replacements for the Tricolor and anchor lights and will be reporting on their performance as time goes on. For the record anyone considering about the possible shipping hassles of buying gear from FIJI might be surprised to know that the shipping from FIJI to our mail service in the States is as quick ( and often quicker) than getting stuff sent from WEST or other Marine megastores...And you get neat stamps!