Thursday, July 27, 2006


I'll be honest and say that there is something that attracts me to people who piss people off. We live in a society that does not always reward people for doing stuff unless they follow a certain accepted behavior pattern. Cruising in a boat like Loose Moose 2 tended to bring out the "let's burn them at the stake" crowd mentality in some folks, while bringing out the "Geez who'd have thought you could build a liveaboard sailboat that looks like a box, sail across the Atlantic and have an enjoyable time without going into debt in the process, and come over for a drink" crowd! Actually, while we were cruising, we actually seemed to make a profit... One of the things we loved about Loose Moose 2 was how it was instant insight on whether someone was of open or closed mindset.

I have always been interested in what people spend cruising. What it really costs vs what people spend and so forth. A while back I had heard that a Cat out cruising with a website was publishing their monthly budget. Just the fact that they named their boat and blog Bumfuzzle shows they have a sense of humor and do not take themselves too seriously. They also freely admit that they have had something of a steep learning curve in this cruising off into the sunset gig. So what is not to like? Apparently the fact that they eat at McD's when the opportunity presents itself and bitch when they are near becalmed (funny, sounds like every cruiser I have ever run into!), has apparently scandalized a group of keyboard commandos who have never eaten at McD's or had a pizza or complained when the wind did not blow like they wanted it to and never had a day of shame or made a mistake (yeah, right)...

There is some very good information on their website, and there is a lot of knowledge to be gleaned from their travels (they are in Turkey at the moment) from good anchorages to where to eat, plus the fact that they show what it is costing them to cruise is invaluable... All in all, good stuff by good people!