Monday, September 19, 2005


While it may be said that I am not enamored of gadgets onboard I am really beginning to think that a GPS with chart plotter makes a whole lot of sense...The advantages to have the ability to look at a graphical interface that tells you that "you are here" is pretty much a no brainer! To be honest, a no brainer is needed from time to time as brain power does seem to diminish when doing long passages in bad conditions.

The problem is BOY IS THERE A LOT OF CHOICE!!!

Now my first reaction (remember I’m Mr Cheapseats) is to find whatever is cheapest and does the job, but my second feeling is that this will get used a lot so it just might make sense to do a bit more study and see what works best.

I did come across this one ( which allows us Mac users to use our Macs and I have to say that sure makes a lot of sense on a lot of levels if we go with a chart table location. The other route is going with cockpit mounting which also has its attractions... But getting back to the MAC option as it is so cheap it almost makes sense to do both... Anyway, I will be looking at this one in depth in the next week or so... expect some more on this subject as it develops...