Monday, September 19, 2005


I remember not all that long ago it seems, in some port over beers that someone from another boat was going on about how free and open-minded the cruising community were... sounded OK until he leaned over and asked what I was sailing.

"Loose Moose" I answered, "the Bolger design"...

Well, he then went on a rant about how LM was an embarrassment to the whole boating community and was a death trap to boot... The fact that we were quite happy on it and had sailed from Europe to Western Africa to the Caribbean quite safely never seemed to make an impression. Simply put, Loose Moose did not look like what his mental picture of a "proper yacht" was meant to look like.

So much for free spirits and open minds... I'm sure now that I am sailing a "proper yacht (i.e. one with a pointy front and rigging), he would be equally scandalized by the fact that we now have an electric motor...

A couple of days ago I saw a South African boat anchored nearby and I thought "here is a fellow soul who feels the need to scandalize the neighborhood from time to time..." I like it!