Monday, November 28, 2022

Must be that time of the month...

A current dumpster diving trend, a good take on Crypto, and in the`"Just how stupid/greedy have we become?" department...+

I often tend to forget that most folks knowledge of how boats work is not based on any kind of study but simply what they think a boat should look like. Or, as our previous stable genius president opined, "I trust my gut". 

A lot of people who are motivated to write me don't like schooners, junk rigs, volkscruisers, free standing spars, extreme shoal draft, or scows.

I actually wonder why some of these folk bother to read Boat Bits at all. Maybe they're just addicted to outrage and BB is just low hanging fruit to stoke their rage in the morning.

I'll also add that the folks who take offense to Boat Bits also seem to be the loudest complainers when I miss a day... Obviously we live in a strange and getting stranger world these days.

As it happens, I have some ideas regarding semi-freestanding spars and junk rig that I'm sure will piss off just about everyone.


Listening to Kid Sistr

So it goes...