Saturday, October 01, 2022

What a gallon of water costs...

Some very scary reading, a quick bit on masking, and in the "Quest for a better battery" department...

So, I just realized that I've been currently using our watermaker twice a week for the last five years and still producing water with a PPM of somewhere between 80 and 100. A fact that I actually find quite impressive.

What's more impressive is that I've spent a big fat zero in pressure pump maintenance and that the Karcher pressure washer works so well.

Admittedly, I've had some issues with booster pumps but have now settled on a cheap 12 volt ($22 dollar) fountain pump that works just as well if not better than the expensive ($400 dollar) 120V pump I replaced the supplied Harbor Freight pump with.

Sometimes I really need to take my own advice.

Anyway, the main cost of running the water maker is just the gas it takes for the generator which works out to about $0.17 a gallon and the very occasional replacement of a 20 mill of 5 mill filter. I'm guessing that might boost the running cost of water to maybe $0.20 a gallon.

As far as the membrane goes, it's still working finest kind and when it does come time to replace it the extra $150 won't exactly break the bank and only add a penny or so the the cost per gallon over its lifetime.

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So it goes...