Thursday, October 20, 2022

On what I'm doing today...

A good read on climate cost, reason #1997 on why you might want to avoid Florida, and in the "A WTF solution to a Texas gun problem" department...

Being that COVID is still killing between 350 and 400 Americans each day, there are new scary variants popping up. As my mother did not raise an idiot, it seems like getting the current booster is a prudent decision. Especially as there are no longer any controls on diseased hordes of tourists coming to America's Paradise bringing the next wave of COVID along with their bad tattoos.

Better yet, since I can get a flu shot at the same time, I'd be stupid not to.

Which is why I'm off to get that booster and flu shot instead of writing today's bit of boat related drivel.. 

Just a thought, but getting your booster might just be the thing that keeps you or a loved one from being in that 350-400 a day club.

Just sayin'

Listening to Corey Ledet & His Zydeco Band

So it goes...