Friday, October 28, 2022

a climatic dream killer...

One wonders just what Putin is going to do with the body, some serious fuckery in Vail Colorado, and in the "Just do the frelling math" department..

For a while I've had this plan of the what if sort of buying an inexpensive sailboat up where the Mississippi becomes navigable and taking a few months or so to get down to New Orleans. I expect it would be a great way to see the US of A from a different perspective.

Since the Mississippi is always going to be there it was sorta/kinda fairly low on my things to do list. I mean since I'm going to live forever and I'll always be able to sail down the Mississippi while reading a Mark Twain book... 


I guess not as I had not included climate change and drought in my equations for such a trip it would seem that the Mississippi River is quickly becoming more of a portage and pole sort of adventure.

Kind of a bummer that.

Listening to Margo Price

So it goes...