Thursday, June 09, 2022

an errant thought or two...

A different take on space travel, a stupid man complains, and in the "Right wing alternative universe" department...

From time to time I play the what if game and wonder what my current life would be like if I'd zigged rather than zagged at various time line junctures. Most of which, I'll admit, have a lot to do with boats bought or built.

What if I'd bought that Sangria or the Wharram Tangaroa when I was looking for a boat instead of building a Bolger Jessie Cooper and Wharram Tiki?

One of my favorite John Stewart songs Strange Rivers says it a lot better than I can...

Did you ever turn the corner
And you wondered why you did
'Cause you haven't been that way, now
Since you were just a kid
And nothing really happened
But then you've got to say
That you wonder what would've happened
Had you gone the other way
There are strange rivers
Rivers that you can not see
And there are strange rivers
Who know our destiny
And there are strange rivers
And we're sailors
You and me

Listening to a couple of albums worth of Bowie coverage

So it goes...