Sunday, May 15, 2022

So, here's the question...

Book bans, something about speculative fiction, and a plethora of climatical bad news...

So, I saw this Columbia 26 MK2 selling for $500 OBO in New Orleans.

Obviously, the boat is in desperate need of a cleaning and I've an ominous feeling that the interior might be even more daunting,

Still, the Bill Tripp designed MK2 is a very cool boat and with a little work and talent, might make someone a great little boat. The advantage of a small cheap boat is that the labor and materials to bring it back to life are small as well.

Looking at the selling price of more turn key examples of the design, the average seems to be somewhere around $3500. So, the question is can one restore and outfit this boat for less than $3K?

I'm guessing that, providing there is a reasonable place to put the boat for a month to work on it, you do all the work yourself, and avoid buying anything marine, it's possible. If I were doing the boat I'd budget for $1500 with an extra $500 just in case. I'm pretty sure that's a doable project.

One proviso though: on any project like this it's vitally important to keep within that budget framework and only fix what needs fixing.

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So it goes...