Saturday, April 02, 2022

What I'm not reading these days...

The sort of boat blog post we could use more of, regarding some who think corporate profits are more important than affordable Insulin, and a very good point indeed...

I used to subscribe to quite a few sailing magazines namely WoodenBoat, PBO, Yachting Monthly, Sail, and Cruising World. 

These days, the only magazine I subscribe to is WoodenBoat which is a magazine that just keeps doing an exceptional job of providing great content on a regular basis. I've been reading them from the beginning and I've never yet seen a bad issue or article.

Cruising World was the first subscription I cancelled as it, in my opinion at least, had morphed into Cruising World light and catered to a readership I simply no longer recognized as cruisers. That said, from time to time there is excellent content but it's no longer something you can count on and more about the quality of a specific writer rather than the magazine's editorial work.

Sail came off the list when my subscription ended as it simply had become a shadow of itself with less of just about everything that made it a good read. These days I consider it to be a sort of diet version of a sailing magazine with little or no real content leaving me with an urge to go out and read a real magazine. Again there is some good writing but even then the editorial stance of the magazine gets in the way.

Then there's Practical Boat Owner, while still an excellent magazine the price has reached the point where it became both silly and insulting. At $7.99 an issue the yearly subscription is $103.87 which is nuts.

The last to get canceled is Yachting Monthly who is published by the same publisher as PBO. Still an excellent magazine but at $5.99 an issue is not what I consider a good value. 

On the positive side. Latitude 38 is a great magazine that could teach Cruising World, Sail, PBO, and Yachting Monthly a whole lot about what makes an excellent periodical as well as how magazine publishing economics are supposed to work. Better yet, Latitude 38 has great content and it's FREE.

Need I really say more?

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So it goes...