Thursday, April 28, 2022

something regarding design...

An excellent interview with Werner Herzog, something on second class American citizens, and in the "Three years is not a lot of time" department...

So, it appears that the folks on Uma are sorta/kinda getting into the cruising boat design playground or something like it. Good for them. I'll be following what they conjure up with bated breath.

As for myself, I've never been into the idea of designing a boat for myself for a few reasons. One being that I feel my talent lies more in the building of boats rather than the design process. Which does not mean that I don't have a long list of input as to my druthers when working with a designer.

Of course, one big problematic issue where getting a designer to draw a boat I'd consider building these days is that most of my want list are not sellable to the current market. Most sane designers would not waste their time when they could be designing a condomaran or cookie cutter cruiser/racer for clients with deeper pockets than yours truly. 

Not that I think a tradical VolksCruiser would be a bad investment in time for a designer. There are a lot of folks out there that, if approached in the right way, could be sold on an easy to build, affordable, sustainable, and able performing design that fulfills an empty niche in the current market.

Of course, I'd welcome and love to review and post information on any boats that designers of the  tradical, easy to build, affordable, sustainable, and able performing design mindset might send my way.

Just sayin'

Listening to some Carole King coverage

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