Sunday, December 26, 2021

and did someone actually say "Thou"?

An excellent riff on a Paul Simon song, a very good point, and in the "Made a list and checked it twice" department... 

It's Boxing Day and in some ways it's my favorite day of the plethora of days in the Holidaze season. Mainly, because it's not about buying stuff, but in giving.

This morning, someone pointed out to me that on the Duckworks facebook site, a post was deleted and the member banned because they had posted something about the impact of Typhoon Odette on fishermen and commercial boats.

Eden Lida Canning asked a question

12 hrs 
There are thousands of small fishing boats destroyed here in Southern Leyte. Additionally there are many dive boats totally destroyed belonging to our friends. My husband is an aid worker and was a member of this group for 2 years. He is also a customer of Duckworks. Why did one of your moderators block him from this group for showing the devistation here in Maasin City? We have lost our restaurant, but he chose to show other's damage instead. Is there no compassion here. His was the only post here on Typhoon Rai and yoi deleted it and blocked him.


Michael Khan Lee
That doesn’t sound right . Admin! What’s up?
Jack McDaniel
I have compassion for your situation and wish you the best. However, is this really the group for disaster / humanitarian relief? The admin is simply moderating as he should to keep on point for the group. Thou should not criticize or judge . It is his group. Move on.


Now, as a social media page devoted to boats, boaters, and boatbuilders, I think that boaters in dire straights IS on point and, as it is Boxing Day, maybe it would be no bad thing to consider how one could help those fellow boaters and boatbuilders.
I'd love to have someone send me a link for anyone that is organizing the sort of aid that would help those afflicted. Having been through my share of hurricanes, I know just how hard it is to get the tools and needful materials to repair or replace boats in the aftermath of a major disaster. 

I suspect that if Port Townsend was hit by a tidal wave (and just for the record I was up close and personal with the 75-foot tidal wave of 1964 in Smith River which decimated the PNW fishing community), the Duckworks facebook page would be all about helping the boat and boatbuilding community.
One of my most vivid memories of the 1964 tidal wave was how boat builders from France, Norway, and Germany traveled to the PNW on their own dime and worked shoulder to shoulder with the local crews to help rebuild the PNW fishing fleet. A pivotal event in my upbringing as a primer of how to build boats with a large dash of empathy.

So, yeah, send me a link to where to send aid.

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