Thursday, November 25, 2021

regarding a day in November...

Why liveaboards in marinas are a good thing, some needful Thanksgiving backstory, and in the "Well this is certainly interesting" department...

I'm of two minds about the whole idea of Thanksgiving.

On one side, the entire premise of a day devoted to the giving of thanks is goodly and something we should not just confine to a given Thursday in November. We have a lot to be thankful for. If you’re reading one of my blogs, you have the time and money to at least consider having a boat and sailing while too many in the world whose only acquaintance with boats is part of a desperate means of getting to a place of safety.

The Thanksgiving story is a fiction. The holiday has become a shameful exercise in greed and consumerism, creating no small amount of depression in what really should be a time of shared thanks and friendship.

Oh well, such is life in the year 2021.

I’m thankful for the readers of Boat Bits, who (with a few exceptions) have become friends, shared their lives with me, corrected my typos, and lifted me up when I’m depressed. Boat Bits is a reader fueled enterprise and the audience feedback lets me know I’m not alone and that there’s a glimmer of hope in these heinous clusterfuck times.

Thank you.

Listening to the late but still great Doug Sahm from a long past Thanksgiving

So it goes...