Wednesday, November 10, 2021

I'm having some issues...

Miami Steve expounds,  a new word, some worthwhile reading, and in the "This is just really neat" department...

Maybe it's just me but I keep finding myself somewhere at the corners of Fantasy Avenue and Reality Road. Yeah, guilty of catching up on various YouTube sailing channels which are about as reality free as you can get.

For one, I'm just really tired of hearing folks proudly proclaim they're living sustainably on a "tiny" boat only to find their definition of "tiny" is a BF catamaran and whose "sustainable" lifestyle is mostly fueled by Patreon, T&A, and pimping various companies products. Made worse, in my estimation, by the constant self-aggrandizement for insignificant non-achievements like "We sailed 20 miles without an engine!"

I mean, really?

Meanwhile in my little corner of paradise, people are still dying of Covid, cruisers with big cats still don't know how to anchor, and tourists and cruisers don't wear masks or even acknowledge there is a pandemics except to complain that the rules set up to protect them inhibit their freedoms.

The dinghy dock I use just got closed and will, more than likely, continue to deteriorate until it no longer exists.  Of course in the meantime, upscale motor boats will continue to park there but woe to the small cruisers dinghy left there while you're shopping as it will wind up towed away and you'll have to pay a ransom to get the sucker back.

Listening to a second helping of covers from 1971

So it goes...