Sunday, November 14, 2021

Doing my homework...

 Too little too late, regarding 'sustainably' caught fish, and a ski film that made me smile...

I've been thinking lately of adding an AIS transponder to the mix for "So It Goes". An AIS transponder pretty much is a slam dunk where the Need/Want test goes where it is less so is the budget side of things so I've mostly been researching more frugal options.

One of those options is this one.

It's an Onwa KP-38A GPS chartplotter and AIS transponder. As it happens the street price just shy of $400 and if you factor in shipping still quite a bit less than $500.

I don't know about you but I haven't seen any AIS Transponders at that price point have you?

Doing some due diligence it would seem that Onwa has a pretty good reputation and word of mouth has been very good the their chart plotter AIS transponder combos and their is a lot of excitement where their new GPS Chartplotter/Fishfinder/AIS transponder/Radar KP-1299X combo is concerned.

So, I'll continue my research, talk to some folks who actually have one, and sort out whether Onwa is going to be coming out with anything new in five to seven inch screen versions of the KP-1299X sort (12 inches is just too frelling big for my nav area).

I'll let you know what turns up.

Listening to the Old Crow Medicine Show

So it goes...