Tuesday, November 02, 2021

and in the just plain stupid department...

An important bit of situational awareness, some bad news on the kelp front, something way past batshit insane, and in the "Maybe our coming robot overlords won't be as bad as feared" department... 

The last couple of days I've been checking out various YouTube videos that were shot at the 2021 Annapolis boat show to see if there was anything new or interesting.  So far I've yet to find anything overly fascinating to look into further.

Well there was this...

In almost all of the videos I noticed a couple of things that did catch my interest.

No masks.

No social distancing.

First off, I figured that the purveyors of the Annapolis Boat Show was only allowing vaccinated folks to attend but that still would not exclude the need to wear masks or social distancing. I checked the Annapolis Boat Shows website and there was no mention of requiring attendees to be vaccinated.

Good news I thought to myself since, apparently the great state of Maryland and the greater USA must now be Covid free and since I live in an minute unincorporated territory that wonderful news has not reached us yet.

So, I did a little checking...

During the course of the Annapolis Boat Show which took place in October 13-17 there were 390,860 new cases and 6,366 deaths in the USA of Covid-19.

That's an average of 78,172 new cases and 1,273.2 deaths a day in the US during the course of the Annapolis Boat Show.

Sadly, the pandemic is still with us and, considering this sort of stupidity is part of the mix, it will continue to be a part of our lives for a long, long time.

Which brings up the question of just what the flying fuck were they thinking? Seriously, I'm at a loss to explain that sort of group think stupidity. I'm pretty sure in the next week or so there will be a measurable surge of new Covid-19 cases related directed to the Annapolis Boat Show just like those super-spreader Trump rallies.

Well, down here where we we're considered too stupid vote for President, most everyone wears their masks and know to keeps their distance while getting on with their daily business. You'd have thought sailboat folk would have their shit more together.

Listening to some best of the year covers

So it goes...