Friday, October 22, 2021

When the pimpage outweighs the content...

Some honest to goodness voter fraud hijinks in Texas, a guy in a car making sense, and in the "Everything you need to know about stupidity" department...

A long time ago back in the 70's, I was told that the perfect cruising boat for a couple would sleep two, feed four and accommodate six for drinks. In general, it worked pretty well back then and still makes sense today.

Of course, there is one big difference in that these days, due to uncontrolled consumerism, folks tend to need a whole lot more space because of stuff.

Which leads me to believe that the biggest problem most people will encounter in getting into cruising mode is just dealing with stuff as it takes up precious space and is greatly problematic to the budget.

There's a blog I get on my RSS feed that purports to help newbie cruisers get into cruising which often talks about downsizing. At the same time it seems that every post by the author is pimping some bit of gear or other that one needs to get to go cruising and, it just happens, that you can buy it right here and now by using the handy affiliate link provided.

Over the last few years if I'd bought every selected needful item mentioned on the blog in question I'd be broke and in desperate need of renting a storage unit to put it all in. Luckily, I don't buy more crap for the boat unless it passes the need/want and cost/utility test but still the desire to get stuff I don't need is an ongoing battle made worse by folks pimping stuff to make money in the guise of sage advice.

Now, as it happens, I understand how much work goes into doing a blog or a video channel and the need to get some sort of support for your labor. I don't however truck with supporting the effort by becoming a shill for various products or sellers and pimping stuff folks don't really need. By all means I don't take issue with the various affiliate programs but I do have a problem with affiliate product led content.

Just sayin'

Listening to Slowdive

So it goes...