Friday, August 27, 2021

A differnet way to build a sharpie?

Doctors making a point, Greenland ice still melting, and in the "Just a glimmer of hope" department...

About a couple of decades or so ago I found myself reading a description of a boat building method by Derek Kelsall called KSS (Kelsall Swiftsure Sandwich) which is a very clever way to fabricate flat panels to build roundish hulls. At the time I was not overly impressed with the method as a way to build multihulls but I do remember thinking that it would be an excellent way to build sharpies. 

That said, at the time, plywood was fairly reasonable and still had an edge over building composite panels as foam was fairly expensive and getting in to resin infusion seemed like a rather steep learning curve at the time.

So, I filed it away as a boat building method with possibilities along with Hughes Cylinder molding, Constant Camber, and other various interesting ways to put boats together.Thinking that some or all of the various methodologys would come in handy.

Add to the list of emerging tech that I've been following is the use of more organic or sustainable materials for composite use. Materials like jute, hemp, and other fibers that, with the addition of a resin to bind them together, would make for a more sustainable, earth friendly, and affordable boat building material.

Of course, with the current price of good quality plywood being nuts these days all of a sudden the basic idea of the KSS, Constant camber, and Cylinder molding all start looking a whole lot more interesting. 

Anyone know a good source for jupe?

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