Sunday, June 06, 2021

S 48° 52.6' W 123° 23.6' ...

Somewhat spidey-sense inducing, a good cause, and in the "Where the hell are the perp-walks?" department...

The other day someone asked me where I'd like to sail off to.

Now, in a general way of thinking, I've always considered the best way to sail someplace was more of a that-a-way, yonder, or wherever the wind takes us sort of thing. Being also somewhat superstitious I never say we're sailing to Puerto Rico but 'towards' Puerto Rico because having the audacity to imply you have total control of a voyage is akin to tempting fate to prove you wrong.

I'll also add I never ever begin a passage on a Friday either.

The thing is, there actually is a place I want to sail to and it's not Fiji, it's not Greenland and it's not  an island, country, or continent. It's just a place in the Pacific known as Point Nemo.

I'll be honest and admit that I'd never actually set sail to Point Nemo but I just might set a course towards New Zealand that sorta/kinda might get up close and personal with a certain Lat & Long location of note.

Like I said, I'm somewhat superstitious.

Listening to Eva & the Vagabond Tales

So it goes...