Tuesday, April 13, 2021

A new addition to the cockpit?

Something you may want to read, an apt climbing story of sorts from Dick Dorworth, and EBM with an interesting link...

Stewmac has an interesting workbench I keep coming back to.


A big problem on any 40-foot or less sailboat is it's really difficult to have a real workshop or decent workbench where you can build hatches, various boat wood butchery projects or the odd twelve-string guitar. In my case the last couple of days I've been rebuilding some hatches which has me working, mostly on my knees doing the needful joinery and fiberglass work.

I'll go on record here and say that if you're six foot five working on your knees in the cockpit really sucks.

Which brings me to the Stewmac guitar workstation which has a form factor that would allow one to work standing up with the added advantage of being fairly easy to modify to allow it to be demountable and would not take up too much room in a cockpit locker when not in use.

Better yet, for those of us on a budget and adverse to Stewmac prices, it's not exactly a difficult chore to backwards engineer the concept and build an even better for your own needs version. Hell if I can build a guitar building a better work bench is child's play. 

Hell, with a better bench I could save time and with that extra time might actually be able to start building Cruisercasters because no one's building a do everything boat friendly electric guitar for boatfolk who can't quite get in sync with so-called travel guitars.

Listening to Los Lobos

So it goes...