Monday, March 29, 2021

Pennies on the dollar...

Regarding a favorite book/film, an accessible art collection, and a question answered...

One of the great advantages frugal cruisers have these days is a direct offshoot of the stupidity of our entrenched consumerist addicted brethren. Folks with an insatiable urge to buy, often need to make room for that new and better thing to achieve their consumerist high.

A friend just dropped me a line about buying a bit of unused boat gear for $400 that retails for a couple of thousand dollars and change. Which on the part of the buyer is a good deal but as far as the seller's side of things is some seriously stupid economics.

Then again, junkies are seldom known for intelligence when they're Jonesing for their drug of choice.

Of course, there is still a downside to the whole consumerist spiral we're all, to some extent or another, caught in. The greed-fueled distorted market is selling stuff for much more than it's actually worth. This means those great deals might not be such bargains at all and are more along the lines of what the item in question is actually worth.

Just saying.

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So it goes...