Monday, February 08, 2021

Anyone looking for a Westsnail?

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There's a hurricane boat for sale over on St John that's a good example of a great opportunity for someone or the boat project from hell for someone else.

In short it's a Westsail 32 with very little information except that it has a mast and boom (condition unclear), it's beat up so needs lots of work, and the seller is asking $1k for it.


Now, I'm not a huge fan where Westsails are concerned but, if it were closer to me, I'd be very interested in taking a serious look at the boat as a fix it up and sell it sort of project. Considering what I know about Westsails in general I expect it would be a reasonably profitable project to take on.

Well, providing I just fixed it, sorted out the cosmetics, and not decide to try and turn it into something it's not.

The positive side of a project like this is that the Westsail is a pretty simple boat, they're real tough, and most anything you'd need to replace you can get cheap or build yourself. My guesstimate is that unless there is major damage that's not being shown or mentioned a basic rehab would end up costing somewhere between $3K to $5K and a month or two of serious sweat equity. If there were major damage that would entail more work/money than it's worth I simply would not bother with it.

On the other hand, the same project could easily cost someone $100k or more if you want to turn it into a pristine example of yacht construction conspicuous consumption and you'd still wind up with a boat that's only worth $25K-$50K. 

A great resource for those interested in Westsails is the Westsail Owners Association. Actually it's a great resource for folks not interested in Westsails as well.

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